Truthfully, with the exception of the hard-to-find NB-5G25’s we have in stock, I can make that statement with assurance because we just thought them up! Over the next few days, I will be posting information about some new products at ISP Supplies we have developed working with our partners at KamFab.

We have always tried to create innovative products that solve the unique problems we encounter as WISP’s but this time I think we have outdone ourselves. I hope you will take the time to check back every few days as I post a new item. Today, I will start us off with the first cool new product.

MikroTik Radio + Ubiquiti Antenna
That’s a tried and true solution. Use any Ubiquiti sector antenna, combine it with a MikroTik integrated radio/motherboard inside one of our OE-411S cases, add a WaveGuard shield and you have a killer combo. But wait, there is more! Now, we can protect the fragile little pigtails from the environment with our WaveGuard WG-Pigtail cover and you have the ultimate combo.