Obviously there are more detailed instructions on the Ubiquiti site but I just needed a trunk port and a few access ports on my Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch so this is a much for my own documentation as it is for you my valuable customers!

  1. Connect the Admin Computer to a switch port, then navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Note: Make sure that PoE is disabled on this port prior to connecting your device.
  3. Under Switching > VLAN > Status, click Add the vlan to the the EdgeSwitch.  You can also add several vlans at once using a range like this:



4. Assuming I want port 1 to be a trunk port, while still under Switching > VLAN > Port Configuration, select 2 from the dropdown menu for VLAN ID.


5. Then select Ports 0/1 (the trunk port) and apply the following configuration:



6. Then select Port 0/23 (the access port for UVC belonging to  VLAN2) and apply the following configuration:


7. Next, navigate to Switching > VLAN > Port Summary, select All from the Display rows dropdown menu. Then select Port 0/23, click Edit, then apply the following configuration:


8. Finally, click the Save Configuration button at the top-right of the screen to apply the active configuration to the boot configuration, then follow the prompts that appear.

 original-6original-7 original-8That’s it!