The Cloud Core Router series are MT’s most powerful routers, because they are built using the specialized Tilera networking CPUs that allow us to give you never before seen speeds at very competitive prices. MikroTik has eight CCR models available, with three different CPU types: 9 core, 16 core and 36 core.
With every RouterOS upgrade, we add new optimizations for the CCR product family, and speed is increased. It’s almost like getting a free hardware upgrade with a simple click. For example in RouterOS v6.8 we improved the PPP performance for CCR products. The Cloud Core Routers also have hardware IPsec encryption.
The CCR1036 with latest RouterOS releases can handle huge network loads:
• up to 30 000 unencrypted or 7 200 encrypted L2TP tunnel requests per minute
• up to 16 000 unencrypted or 4 500 encrypted PPPoE tunnel requests per minute
• up to 3 000 unencrypted or 1 000 encrypted PPTP tunnel requests per minute