RouterOS v5.6 released today. Changelog is extensive:
*) fixed ssh server crashing when sessions were interrupted
*) ipsec – fix a problem which could silently remove a manual policy
from the kernel if the peer configuration has ‘generate-policy’ set to ‘yes’
and if the policy matches with the traffic selector of a SA being removed
on the responder side, also fix a problem that some generated policies
may stay in kernel after relevant SA was removed;
*) profiler – correctly show idle task on RB1200;
*) webfig – fix dual nstreme interface setting lists;
*) webfig – fix Wireless Access/Connect List editing;
*) webfig – fix bitrate presentation in simple queues (show 1.5M as 1500k);
*) fixed micro-sd access on RB400 not to stop everything else;
*) sstp – when server certificate verification is enabled for sstp client,
it will additionally compare IP addresses found in certificate’s
subjectAltName and subject CN to the real address, DNS names are ignored;
*) tftp – optional block counter roll-over support;
*) hotspot – fixed possible crash in case of multiple Radius CoA requests;
*) userman – speedup user deletion with big log size,
note that first userman startup after this update
may take few minutes if the log size is in hundreds of MB;
*) mpls – added support for enabling/disabling control word usage for
BGP based VPLS tunnels (both – Cisco and RFC 4761 based);
*) mpls – added support for auto-discovery of VPLS NLRI encoding method
for Cisco BGP based VPLS tunnels;
*) winbox – sometimes after disconnecting, winbox could not connect back;
*) bgp – allow parallel operation of RFC4761 “l2vpn” and
draft-ietf-l2vpn-signaling “l2vpn-cisco” BGP VPLS variants inside
single peering session.
*) console – “:resolve” command now returns IPv6 address for domain names
that have only IPv6 address records;
*) snmp – provide ups alarms for bad or low battery or for ups overload;
*) route – fixed SNMP getnext queries, were failing to find next
prefix in the OID order;

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