After a few minutes of beating me head against the wall to figure out how to use the traffic generator tool, I was finally able to get a good test of the new MikroTik Cloudcore CCR-1036, 36 core routers.  Here is my test setup:

Here are the results with small packets, the important line here is the TOT line:

And standard packets, again look at the TOT line:

As you can see, with small packets it runs out of steam at 17 million packets per second without totally filling the 12 Gig interfaces but with standard 1500 byte packets, it is able to run wire speed (well almost, 11.8 is close enough to 12!) with 12 Gig interfaces connected.

Tomorrow I will try the same test with 16 interfaces as I have some SFP modules and patch cables being sent to my hotel.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this piece of hardware and I can’t imagine having an ISP application that will use all of its resources.