TR-069 Support

I don’t want this to sound like a rant and I usually try and make my posts educational but today I vent. RouterOS needs TR-069 support. First, as we all know, RouterOS is about solving problems. If there isn’t a built-in function, we write a script. Always a workaround! However, we can’t think about a workaround for TR-069 and here is why. TR-069 is the number one protocol used by telecoms to manage CPE devices and it currently can’t manage RouterOS so they don’t buy RouterOS.

“They should use the Dude” is not a solution, they won’t and likely they can’t for a myriad of reasons. We can’t propose stuffing a square peg into a round hole simply because we don’t have round ones and don’t want to produce them. We have to make round pegs or square pegs if that is what the market demands, make even oblong ones with curb feelers. Responding with workarounds is pointless if we want to succeed big. The only other option is continue succeeding small to medium but it will never be big until we think big.

TR-069 Workarounds are Pointless

Therefore, if we want to bring RouterOS to what is likely the largest market out there we need TR-069 support. Responding with workarounds here is pointless because they will not be accepted. Even D-Link has TR-069 support in some models so this is not rocket science.

Will TR-069 help the WISP? Probably not. The WISP will continue using the Dude, or flashfig, or the custom scripts they wrote and big telecom will continue buying Adtran and similar overpriced, underpowered devices until we get TR-069 for Mikrotik, Spread the word!