Ever since I started my first WISP 8 years ago, I can’t be outdoors without noticing (and sometimes obsessing) on wireless equipment. there’s a 24 dB grid, oooh, that’s the new antenna from blank, you know what I mean. I am sure I am not the only one out there so here’s a quiz!

I’ll get you started with this one. It’s a RooTenna from Laird Technologies, 2.4 GHz, 15 dB. Spotted this at the base of the lift going up Prospect Mountain.
I likely has a MikroTik radio inside.

The next one is a little tougher.  The antennas I recognize, they are 5.x gig from SuperPass. I used quite a few of these in my WISP and always had good service and performance from them.  The radio is not so easy, see if you know?

The last one is easy if you recognize the logo.  Give it a try.

PS: All of these manufacturers of wireless products are available at ISP Supplies.