Stacks of SIM cards, spreadsheets, note on napkins and Big Chief Tablets are no way to track the provisioning of SIM cards for your Telrad LTE installation.  We have a better way and it is called SimPro and available only for Telrad UE’s purchased from ISP Supplies.

SimPro provides several things for the LTE operator:

  1. Central SIM Repository – No more shared spreadsheets and paper documentation.
  2. Customer to IMSI Tracking – The ability to track the provisioning of a SIM card, that is, which customer has which ICCID.
  3. CLI Scripting for Provisioning – The missing link in the current versions in Breezeview is the ability to connect a customer to the ICCID and IMSI.

Let’s dig in deeper.

Central SIM Repository

When you purchase SIM cards, the pertinent data used for authentication and encryption of the UE is encoded on the SIM card and emailed to someone in your organization as a spreadsheet or CSV file. You must add that data to a central storage and share with your technical crews, who will convert that data to the proper format to be pasted into the CLI of the EPC.  If someone that needs the data doesn’t have access, the result is obvious, wasted time tracking down vital information.

Customer to IMSI Tracking

Although Breezeview gives you the ability to add new and view already provisioned SIMs in the HSS facility, currently there is no way to know who that customer is.  In addition, Breezeview tracks only the IMSI number and not the ICCID.  The ICCID is the number printed on the card so clearly there is a gap; looking at the SIM card itself, there is no way to know what IMSI that is in the HSS or what customer that IMSI represents.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 09.47.49

SImPro provides a bridge by displaying the ICCID, IMSI and a Text field for the customer provisioned for that SIM.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 09.50.15

in addition, if you have many SIMs, a search function allows you to search any field, ICCID, IMSI or Customer Name.

CLI Scripting for Provisioning

When you buy new UE’s and SIMs, those keys and IMSI’s must be provisioned into the HSS so that the customer device can authenticate and join the base station.  There are two ways to accomplish this, one at a time in Breezeview or multiples through copy/paste in the CLI.

If you are adding only one SIM, you can provision it in Breezeview using Copy and Paste:

Screenshot 2016-03-17 09.52.58

This is not terribly time consuming for one SIM but for a batch of more than one it is done more simply in the CLI.  The issue here is that the command structure is a bit cryptic and requires a lot of copy/paste.

SimPro makes it really easy by building the script for you, for either static or pool PDN. Simply select the SIMs to provision, click the button and the script is created.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 09.55.40

We hope you will utilize SimPro for tracking and provisioning your SIM cards and Telrad UE‘s purchased from ISP Supplies.  For more information contact our sales team at 855-WISP-PRO or check out my YouTube video HERE.